About us

The creation of our innovative company is the result of a conscious thought process. Founder Dieter Comyn distinguishes himself through the combination of years of experience in craftsmanship, technical knowledge and goal to flawless finish. Lumyn is a Belgian design studio that designs and produces wooden outdoor lighting. Based on our passion for wood, we develop high-quality fixtures for every type of outdoor space. Our designs are inspired by landscape elements to blend seamlessly into the environment. Object and landscape become one, which creates a serene and calm architectural effect.

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The value of craftmanship

Lumyn attaches particular value to craftsmanship. The entire process, from raw material to high-quality and attractive lighting fixtures, is completed in our workshop in Belgium. The types of wood we select are of the highest durability and are distinguished by their stylish character. We create unique designs in different types of wood. Our strength is the originality and the possibility of specific customization.

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Extensive expertise

Lumyn pushes boundaries in the field of outdoor lighting. We do this by having an eye for design, but also through our technical expertise. Traditional craftsmanship and contemporary computer-controlled processes go hand in hand. We work manually as much as possible, but combine that craftsmanship with state-of-the-art machines that enable us to experiment and innovate endlessly.

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